2022-08-01 12:12:16 By : Mr. Michael Yu

If you've ever wanted to live the life of a rock star on the road, seems there is a hotel for that right up in Boston.

The Verb Hotel offers what they call "an authentic rock & roll experience" in every room and promise to "send you back in time through the decades of Rock & Roll – with museum-quality memorabilia" everywhere you turn.

Honestly this place looks like a mini Rock & Roll Hall of Fame you can actually sleep in and this fall they are getting even cooler.

That's because the hotel has announced the addition of 10 custom-made, luxury trailers that create an urban housing area they've dubbed "Backstage." As Robin Brown, Founder and Principal of Spot On Ventures describes it "every detail of Backstage was carefully designed to give guests a nostalgic tour of what life was like on the road while maintaining the luxuries of a premier suite experience."

If you ask me, they have nailed it and soon "Backstage" will open to its first rock & roll guests on September 1.

Everything about these trailers is high-end. From the chrome details both inside and out to the rich wood cabinetry and even the huge leather ottoman with it's secret panel for storing records. Just so cool.

You can enjoy thousands of records right in your own room or trailer at The Verb. The hotel has an extensive vinyl collection and every room is equipped to play it. In fact most visitors find their room already stocked with a collection of records when they arrive, though mixing up your playlist is an option.

However if all the rock & roll is a little too much to take, the Verb provides guests with complimentary earplugs. They really think of everything and this fall, the experience gets even better.

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